Monday, April 23, 2012

Details on the hetalia game ideas!

well i have a visual novel maker application and i have been addicted to both hetalia and dating sim games latly so i thought i would make one! Comment below and tell me if you would like me to make one! As well as tell me what type you would like to see.... Also in all of the quizzes you will play as my oc Bavaria (because i cant think of anything else and is to lazy)But i will still include Germany and Prussia as choices because in technical terms no one in Hetalia is blood related once you think about it....Choices for genre type:
Fantasy High Hetalia- This would basically be the same story as Magic high WWFFY: Love choices: Wizard! England, Fox!Japan,Neko Prussia (and possiably Germany..I cant draw his hair), Were wolf Italy's. (i might add more this is just to name a few)
Nordics: You will be visiting the nordics for a month. All the nordics will be featured. So there will be 5 different locations you could visit everyday! Choices for guys: Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Finland,Sweden (actually i'm not sure about Sweden and Finalnd because i am a SuFin fan)
Axis and Allies: This one might be a bit harder for me to do because It would be like making 2 games. You get to choose wether you want to be an Axis or Allie..... Love choices are: Japan, Germany(not sure if i'll add to hard for me to draw), N.Italy, Possiably Romano, America, England, Frog- I mean France(i will regret it later), China and Russia
Regular Gakuen Hetalia(teacher version): Well you are Bavaria and you are finally old enough to start going to high school with your older bruders Germany and Prussia, who are your gym teachers, and you get to date a hot teacher... The love Choices are: England(because everyone would hate me if i didnt) he is your English teacher. Romano or Spain(undecided) is your Spainsh teacher. China is your Math teacher! (i will add more but i cant think of other jobs that the countrys could have)(one more thing you are not a teacher you are a student)
Gakuen Hetalia (students ver.) Same as the one above! You are a new student (bavaria) but unlike the one above all the date able countries are your fellow classmates
Hetalia Pirates: basically a visual version of
Katekyo hitman Reborn AND Hetalia Mix High: Honestly i like this idea! Anyways The some of the KHR kids are put into the Gakuen Hetalia school by reborn for training. Now you get this choice of dating a KHR guy or an Hetalia Guy!! THe love Choices are: Adult!Mammon/Viper, Kozato Enma, England, Norway, Gokudera, Hibari, Mukuro, N.Italy (If you want a specific character in the game comment below)
Well that's all the ideas i have if you have any other ideas Message me or comment below. I would also like you to tell me if you want to add a country (or a KHR Character)to any of the ideas above. If you want to give an idea message or comment with the love choices and the plot. Thanks for reading i will put a poll out as soon as some people give some ideas or i get a few comments and messages. I want to know what ideas you have. So remember COMMENT TILL YOUR HEARTS CONTENT

Thanks that's all

Hey guys i'm really new to blogging and everything so go easy on me! anyways i'm starting an Hetalia otome game but i'm still working on the idea so i put a poll up on my quizilla account so you can vote what idea you like best!~ please check it out and vote if your interested~